Multiple operator ID's on one drone

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Is it allowable to have two different operator ID’s on a drone? Essentially I setup my OP ID and Flyer ID when I first started flying last year. All good.

I’ve recently finished my GVC (Passed the flight test today) and I had to get a new operator ID registered to my business name so it fell in line with my operations manual. Now I have two operator ID’s. Rather than having to swap my operator ID over each time depending on commercial or personal use can I have both on there as they are both registered to me?

I couldn’t find any info on this online so thought I’d see what everyone’s understanding would be.

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Andy, I’ve moved your post out of the #drones-news category :blush:

I see no reason why you couldn’t have two different numbers on there, assuming they’re both valid.


Thanks @PingSpike , appreciated.

I was thinking the same as they are both in my name at the end of the day.


But why would you want a personal OP id, if your OM gives you greater freedom?
Those personal flights become practice flights under your OM…

And, at the end of the day if someone ever needs to lookup that ID from the drone, you will be responsible either way.

So, I personally would not keep both on the drone. (Which does not mean you can not, I’m not a lawyer, nor work for the CAA.)

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I have two op ids on my mini 2. One is UK based to fly in the UK under CAA rules, the other is an Ireland Op Id to allow flight in Europe, since a UK Op Id is no longer valid in the EU.

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Both good points thank you. I have sent an email to the CAA to see what the official advise is. I’ll keep you posted.


I had a quick response back which was the following

"Dear Mr Butler,

Thank you for your email.

**The Operator (legal person) taking responsibility for that particular flight should display their ID on the aircraft. **

This could be seen another way, I would not put your OP ID on my UA when conduct an operation unless it was authorised by you and my aircraft should reflect that.

Kind Regards,"

It didn’t really answer my question because both my OP ID’s are in my name, it’s just one is behind my organisation and the other is directly in my name, so I’ve gone back with a bit more background and explanation behind asking.

I await another response…


Personally Andy I’d save my time, effort and stress levels and just stick both of them on the drone and not worry about it. They’re both valid, right?

It’s a bit like me carrying both of my (different nationality) passports with me at the airport or border. I present whichever one is relevant for the trip at the time.

I don’t get arrested for having two valid passports or driving licenses on me.

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That’s a good way to look at it! I agree that I don’t think it should be an issue to have both and yes they are both valid. If anything it’s a good thing to put both on.

I’ll post their response if I get one just in case anyone else wants to know the answer.

Thanks all.

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I would say that it’s the person/organisation responsible for the drone (likely the owner), who puts their operator number on it - however many numbers that may be.