My 12 month Timelapse project

Some b-roll drone footage of Dovestones included in my Timelapse Tuesday challenge episode 8


Very cool.

At 02:50, what interval did you use on the timelapse? Do you use any stabilisation in post like warp stabiliser on premiere?

Love the shot around tree at 02:47.

2 second interval the tree bit was done with the osmo and DJI Go 4 Hyperlapse mode.
I didn’t use any warp stabilisation on this one but when I do use it I go through after affects rather than Premier, it seems to give a better result.

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Wow really nice shots :ok_hand:t3: I’m hoping to get up to Dovestones with my MP once this snow has cleared. Never been before and itching to go out and get some nice footage.

Do you use an intervalometer for your time lapses or just camera settings? Been looking at getting one for my own work but not sure if I’d genuinely use it that much…

Top job on the editing / transitions too! :+1:t3:

Thanks, I used a Canon 80D for the time-lapse it has an inbuilt intervalometer. I a regular at Dovestones I love the place :slight_smile:

Does it allow you to set exposure time for each photo too? I’ve got a 1200D and a 200D but they only let you set the “interval” with no control over exposure.

Is that just becuse I’ve got the “hobbyist” line cameras?

Just the interval. I do everything else on manual, then use LTTimelapse to process the images into the video