My 1st video

First day of my summer holidays from work so I decided to head out to Whitley Bay for sunrise. Beautiful morning to fly, no wind, low tide and a nice fog bank a couple of miles off the coast. Here is my first attempt of a video so please be gentle.


Impressive job @GrahameRob :+1:

Normally I’d offer advice such as “go easy on the sticks tiger!” but that was pretty smooth. Well, apart from that version first pan at 0:03 :wink:

What did you edit it with?

Oh, and those birds got bloody close didn’t they?! :open_mouth:

All in all, damned impressive for a first go mate :clap:

Nicely done, St Mary’s was always a good place to visit and great for willik picking :wink:

Cheers. There was loads of seagulls in the car park when I got there and as soon as I took off they all swarmed the Mavic. It was a bit of a twitchy bum moment when I seen them around it. I’m using Magix Video Pro X as my computer is too slow for Adobe premiere.

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Great video @GrahameRob
The tone of the slow flight(speeded up in some places i see )works well
To the music :headphones:
Well done and what did you use to edit and get the music from


Really nice video! A lovely variety of angles on lighthouse without being repetitive!

Had the problem of seagulls myself …

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I use for the music. Great site for music as they have nearly every song you can imagine and you pay £1.99 and you can download the song and take out the lyrics or any other instrument.

We have a member that makes his music available for us for free.

It’s an impressive selection!

Cheers for that I will have a look :+1:

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Think that maybe an oystercatcher… but still going to hurt if it hits!!!

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If oysters fly that high I’ll be really surprised!


Excellent mate
I would change some of your gimbal settings, apart from that, well done. Love that place

That suggestion really needs a bit of elaboration to be of much assistance to someone new. :wink:


Hi @GrahameRob
Have a look at Drone Film Guide on YouTube they go into some amazing detail on how to create that more creative cinematic feel. They also do an on-line course as well, giving you tips on changing settings as well as providing footage to edit with… Click on this link for starters 3 Tips For Pro Cinematic Drone Shots With DJI Mavic/Phantom/Inspire || TUTORIAL By Drone Film Guide - YouTube

Sorry @OzoneVibe you are correct…


Soz mate

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No probs. :+1:
I knew what you were getting at. :wink:

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Following on from @m2bfx post, another post worth looking at is :

But that doesn’t take anything away from my earlier comment. Still really good for your first video! :+1:


Very nice, I live in North Shields and there are some nice places to fly


Good work, looking forward to more posts and progression.