My backyard and an ad hoc 360 pano tutorial

First pano with “new” MA2. My backyard. Selfie of me and Dogzilla with the house in the background. First time for an auto pano by the aircraft instead of messing around with MICE and GIMP


How did you find the MA2 Rob? It’s a great drone right? That’s a cracking 360 Pano :star_struck:

Well, I love my original Mavic Air!

But the MA2 just feels better. Not so sure about the Fly app though.

Updated the Birthday Challenge leaderboard and fed Dogzilla then we walked over the back field to the creek. Some people showed an interest as I was setting up so I quickly “deputised” them (made them involved) an shoved the left stick forward.

It took off cleanly and vertically and stayed rock steady when I halted it to establish a home point. Flew perfectly. Barry - @BCF - the previous owner, had set yaw and gimbal speed low, smoothness high so I didn’t even need to set that up in the app.

The bottom LED is a great help against a darkening sky! Got home and managed to check Airdata in between Birthday Challenge moderating. Signal 100%, battery excellent and, checking pictures and video, rock steady. Winds were 6m/s gusting to 8.

Very happy - and I hope someone else will be when my Mavic Air 1, six batteries, charging hub, hard case and ND filters goes in the For Sale category :slight_smile:

Great to hear that you love it :grinning: It’s my first and only camera drone butcI think it’s a fantastic bit of kit. The Fly App can be a bit flakey but I’ve never used the Go App to compare. I agree the MA2 a rock steady performer that takes some really good photos :+1:t2:
I’m sure whoever buys your MA will love it as much as you do and take good care of it :heart_eyes:

I wasn’t a fan of the Fly app when I started using it a couple of years ago for the original Mini 1.

Coming from Litchi being used on all my other drones it just felt like such a basic and cutdown app :confused:

But, gotta say, since then it’s actually really grown on me :slight_smile:

Nice back yard btw :smiley:

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I am impressed at that image. How the hell have you done it? I took images last weekend including an automatic pano with the MA2 and it bears no resemblance to what your image can do. Mine just looks weird and distorted.
Any ideas?..anyone

Silly question - does your pano look like this?

If so I can take you through the steps to turn it into a 360.

That is pretty much exactly how it looks

I think I might have sorted it. I noticed the word Kuula in the image so went to their site and worked it out. Wow, even my mediocre image looks good.
Thank you @macspite

Ok, that’s the raw material :+1:

There are a few things you have to do next.

Go to 360 Virtual Tours made easy. Create. Edit. Share => Kuula

On the status bar click register then create your (free) account.

Sign in and select upload on the status bar, click single photo.

You will be taken to a screeb inviting you to upload ab image,

Upload your “distorted” picture.

When the image is loaded you will see it as a scrollable 360. There are options on the right habd sidebar for filters, HDR, description and the like.

When you are happy with the picture you need to share it.

Click “POST IT” which will load your picture into your Kuula album. The sidebar changes. Select the share option


Copy the code that is under the Embed HTML tag and paste it as a paragraph on its own in the reply box on GADC in whichever thread you are following.

<iframe width="100%" height="640" style="width: 100%; height: 640px; border: none; max-width: 100%;" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen allow="xr-spatial-tracking; gyroscope; accelerometer" scrolling="no" src=""></iframe>

That code will give you your 360 correctly displayed in its own box:

Seems I was too keen to post. I have followed to the letter your instructions and they were spot on till i got to the bit about posting in the reply on this site. Nothing seems to have happened.Ooops!

Hopefully this will work

Fingers crossed

Are you posting the code in with a blank line above and a blank line below?

Trying both ways, with blank lines nd without.

Trying again with re-copied code and a blank line before paragraph.

And a blank line afterwards.

this is just the link

Not the HTML code

Ok at least the link works and we have you making proper 360s :slight_smile:

You are copying the code in the Embed HTML box and not Embed JS or Embedly?

If so I’ve taken it as far as we can go and I’ll have to call for a big boy to help …


Mike @Speedbird copy this block of text:

<iframe width="100%" height="640" style="width: 100%; height: 640px; border: none; max-width: 100%;"
 frameborder="0" allowfullscreen allow="xr-spatial-tracking; gyroscope; accelerometer" 
scrolling="no" src="">

Paste it in to a new reply then swap out this share “code” with your share code:

(Yours will be Nm1v0 in this instance)

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