My beginners project - "Scene(s) from Slapton Line"

As I explore how to make best use of my new Drone (DJI Mini 2) using my local area as the basis for an ongoing project seemed to be a good idea. It gives me a structure and a purpose to work with. As Slapton Line is nearby, extends for 3 miles and is free of overhead obstructions it seems like a safe place to start. So over the next few months, rain and wind have stopped work at present, I’ll endeavour to cover the whole of the Line and some of it’s history. The link is: - YouTube

If you can, put the youtube link on a separate line. Also, it is marked as private, so we can’t see it.

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Ooops - now it’s no longer private. Now I’ll try putting the link up properly

Hopefully this is the link


That works ;o)

@Xpro2 nice video …looking forward to the next one …I have had no decent weather for over a week and the rest of this year doesn’t look promising at all …be patient and good luck

Thanks I will.