My best video ever

Recent trip to highlands drone heaven
Check out video


This is absolutely epic man! We are going to the west coast of Scotland on the border of the highlands over Christmas. This video is making me look forward to it.
I liked that so I will subscribe.
If you flowed it a little better, this would be a million dollars. Be smoother on the yaw man!
Mint video!

Fabulous video @Stevietv

Thanks for the comments you cannot beat the highland if the weather is good !!

Never been to Scotland but after watching that vid I think I will be doing a trip there soon!
Loved the video @Stevietv :+1:

Nice video I have to get my act together and edit my video from my trip to Scotland as well just finding the time

Well worth a trip we did it on motorbikes great fun !!

I want to do the Scotland tour on my bike. Done wales, done devon and cornwall, done the lakes… Hell… we even did Belgium… Scotland next i think

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Quite mesmerised watching this. Love it man! Ace vid :clap::+1:

Loved making it thanks for comment :blush:

Very nice vid !

Awesome video mate! I love the views, I’d love to see your camera movements become more progressive and not as sudden if you know what I mean? Excellent work! :smiley:

Stunning footage, what an amazing place! Did you edit colours?

Just the exposure not colour , the colours were natural ,

Great video.

Are there still signs up at Glenfinnan telling you to call the ghillie to pay your £10 if you want to fly a drone? :wink:

Hi Steve
Well done thats a cracking video so many lovely places to see, i also like the way you have named the different locations. The shot of the steam train is amazing. Would you mind if I took a couple of images from the video .

That video is superb!, if any tourist wanted to see Scotland portrayed in a better light then go there and see it for yourself.
You have captured the different areas beautifully, and named each area instead of leaving the watcher to guess its location.
Well done!.

Thanks Chris was great fun making it , glad you appreciated

yes but there was , but did not pay seemed a bit of cheeky to me , we climb up to a good vantage point
away from any people

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incredible video. I now see how far I have yet to go!