My bird taken by another Bird

Saw this on FB posted by Phil Kingsland at our Cannock Chase meet on Sunday what a great shot taken with the xiomi Fimi, my OP ID is also visible


Cracking shot Gary bud :grin::grin::+1:

Agreed :+1::+1::clap:

Am i brave enough lol

Hi Dave
It looks good to me, providing no wind on the day then this length flight is achievable.
Check height is plentiful, when I went out to the tower on Sunday I flew at 50 metres
Make sure you identify some suitable early landing spots in case you need to abort the flight. Litchi should abort early automatically if it thinks it can’t get back home but it would be good to have an emergency plan and a mate with a car to retrieve it for you if needed
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Done a different one so I’m well away from built up areas and set it all at around 250ft so it misses masts etc

Thought I add my bird on bird photo. (Stop thinking like that it’s disgusting!)


When are you thinking of?

Sunday again weather permitting but done a route from the place we were on sunday around the tower and back to the triangle 12 mins flight

Great shot, what are the light you have on the back legs, do they help with VLOS, and where did you get them?

Flytron Cree strobes follow this link use grey arrows discount code


Did you just cable tie them on the legs?

I tied them onto leg extensions so just a matter of clipping on when needed.


This is probably a stupid question but how can you fly that far without breaking the VLOS rule? Is there some kind of exception if using waypoints?

It’s not as far as it looks bud and with the phantom it’s still in sight, only just but you can see it


The Inspire is the same, even without Strobons you can literally see it from a mile away.

As for the Mini, well… 50ft and it’s vanished :rofl:

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Nice little screenshot from a video of the bird in front of me yesterday over looking the Somerset levels.


Stunning shot :+1:

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