My Estate 360

Slight stitch issue with some wind around, so I will try PTGui from saved images next time
Using Mavic Air, before I went back for replacement.

Is that a canal off to the right there Barry?

Or a partly flooded field?!

Flooded field mate, wish it was a canal but we are several hundered feet above sea level
Think I will build myself and ark just in case …

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Seriously! You’re that high up and still water logged? :open_mouth:

Highest canal in the UK is over 600ft. :wink:

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YEP…snow was 2-3ft in places up here, all this on top of rain etc. Crazy

THis is a picture of my mates car only a short drive from my house.

I chuckled as when I read the topic title I thought “oh, this guy has a country estate?” :slight_smile:

Nice snow!


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@ianinlondon HAHA I wish