My eyes must be worse than I thought

I’m trying to add to the members map, but when i zoom in the text is totally unreadable, even the wife who has eyes like a sniper can’t see the text of where we are on the map.
Any ideas? I’m using Safari on a MacBook.
Thank you

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Hmmm… I don’t remember the map tile text being this small before? :thinking:

The text isn’t that small on Drone Scene:

I’ll see what I can find out @Speedbird

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@PingSpike I’ve just tried on my laptop ( windows 10 ) and when I scroll /zoom with the mouse full zoom the text is small and difficult to read but each stage zooming out it appears to alternate between text you can read clearly and small text …I mean I could locate my street quite easily

My location is good and easy to read but I can no long see any other users ?

I’m still experiencing the above problem regarding the size of text on the map.
Has anyone managed to get it sorted or at least knows how to?
Thanks all

@PingSpike Did you manage to look at the sizing issue?

Mike @Speedbird apologies, I did look in to it at the time.

We use a third party plugin for the member locations map that you see here on the forum. I did ask the plugin developers back in Jan if they were aware of any issues etc that might cause this problem.

And here’s where my apologies come in, I completely forgot to follow it up :man_facepalming:t2:

Thanks for the reminder, I’ll be in touch soon :blush:


Thanks Rich @PingSpike