My first bando

Finally had a chance to go to a bando. Met some nice people and had loads of fun.


Nice one Carlos :smiley:

Were any of the people you met members from here?

I don’t think there were, could be mistaken, but with the ones I spoke most to they weren’t.
I connected with them through Facebook (of which I only created an account for this purpose) and Discord.

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Wow some neat flying.

I am not too far from Richmond Upon Thames. Assuming you don’t want to give the location away - how far away was the location?

Hi Brendan, this one is actually not that close by, its on the North side in Stanmore… Having said that, it is reachable by tube, so its not that bad

I enjoy watching FPV knowing full well that i will never do it and that was a good one, but am i the only person who finds themselves leaning left and right when sat down watching these videos?

lol… I do that sometimes when playing on the sim but haven’t noticed it on videos…

I duck my head when flying through gaps

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