My first flight with the Mini 3

early morning on morecambe prom.
This thing is quiet 1:08 two women don’t even look up at it goes over.

The quality is amazing for such a small craft


Lovely !

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Really smooth, nice video.:+1:

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Lovely video. What settings did you use? Any post colouring applied?

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What is that animal at 0:24? Perhaps a fox? Looks somewhat out of place there…

All standard out of the box settings, no post apart from cutting.

I thought a fox too as there were no dog walkers about.

fab video.

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Some great shots there, and REALLY nice light.

I need to get my arse out of bed of a morning…

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Nice video. Have you any idea what height you were when you went over the women ? It certainly doesn’t look very high thus demonstrating how quiet the 3 is and the sea looks to be quiet as well so not much noise coming from that as a distraction for them.

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I was at 5.2m according to the flight log so would have been 4 - 4.2m above them. And there was very little ambient noise to diguise the sound of the 3.

Wow, how Morecambe has changed!

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That is amazing. I have an original Mini so it appears that your 3 sounds a whole lot quieter than mine. Thanks for the reply.

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Great quality that, if you’d told me it was shot with an Air2S or even Mavic 3 … I’d believe you. Nice footage mate :+1:

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Wow, that’s pin sharp. I love Morecambe.

Great video ,just got my mini 3 pro yesterday ,and the difference between it and the Mini 2 is massive in noise difference.
Morecambe looks great .:+1: