My First FPV Flight

My first FPV flight using my Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle 2. Even managed a couple of flips :smiley: gutted the rain stopped me from flying more. Big thanks too @notveryprettyboy, @Steviegeek and @crapflyer for a quality mornings flying shame the weather wasn’t kinder to us. many more meets to follow I hope :smiley:


As long as I’m still breathing…

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Depends if the missus finds out how much a HD FPV setup costs i guess? :rofl:

Shame your nitro car wouldn’t start as well, was looking forward to watching you rip that around.

Really need to figure it out. It’ll be something stupid and simple. I’ll buy some new glow plugs and and an ignitor on payday.

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yeah to me it sounded like it had no ignition the motor was ticking over over but had nothing to fire it up.

Well done mate, it was bloody cold and wet, flying my mavic mini forgot to to switch record on but hayho next time


It did real well in the gusts today.

yeah I was surprised to see how well it coped with the wind today :+1:t2: shame about the recording but hey a great excuse to come and fly again :slight_smile:

Deano well done mate :+1:t2: That looks so tricky but so much fun! How do you do the flips? I always assumed that they had a 'flip button that would auto flip and back to level but in your vid it looked more like a manual flip and level. Keep practicing and you’ll be wizzing around old abandoned warehouses and playgrounds in no time :grin:

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It depends what mode you’re flying in you have Angle mode that is self leveling and won’t allow flips or rolls, you’ve got horizon mode that is self leveling but if you push the stick all the way to the right or the left you’ll do a roll and then self level again or full pitch forward or backwards you’ll do a flip then self level. And then there is Acro mode which is what I was flying in that gives you full control with no self level. :+1:t2:

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Well done on your first FPV flight, and more Kudos for going straight to ACRO :clap::clap::clap::clap:.

I’ve always maintained that ACRO should be the only FPV mode. Recently at my flying club there’s a few of the “Old Brigade” that have ventured into FPV quads and it’s been a bit of a struggle to convince them that ACRO is by far easier to fly than Angle/Horizon. It took the loss of a quad for one guy to see the light as he didn’t have enough forward pitch in Angle mode to defeat the wind and it just sailed away never to be seen again.

I have the original Emax TH FS and I just love it to bits. I t’s such a capable flyer, and so stealthy, that I can still fly it while the “Tissue and Dope” guys are doing their formation taxi’ing on the strip and not be noticed.


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I can 100% relate to statement about fighting the wind my test hover to make sure my props was on correct didn’t go to plan I hovered up and the wind took it and because I was in angle mode didn’t have enough forward pitch to fight it and as I wasn’t expecting it to just take off like it did I panicked and subsequently lost my little quad. Took me 40 minutes to locate it just by using the connection voice of my transmitter like a water finding stick I’d walk forwards and when it said telemetry lost I’d stop and change direction till it gave me the telemetry recovered then I’d carry on walking in that direction took me 40 minutes to find it but at least I found it :rofl: so I leaned very quickly that angle mode wasn’t for me :rofl:

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It’s prudent to configure a “Beeper” switch in Betaflight. This will make your motors beep incesently if you misplace the quad. There’s also the option with the TH FS to connect a buzzer operated from the same switch which will be magnitudes louder.


I do have the buzzer configured on my pre arm switch but it just isn’t loud enough lol I might have to look into the extra buzzer lol

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