My first go

This was my first attempt and there are lots of errors both in flight and editing, but I’ve learned a lot from the process. The video has a softer feel and the lower res makes the film feel like a nostalgic 80s look about, I kind of like the crudeness of it.

Anyway, have a look at my childhood haunts of Cromer in Hertfordshire, Old Hunstanton and Salthouse on the Norfolk coast.




Pretty impressive for a first attempt Colin!

I liked the beach scenes :+1:

What did you use to edit it mate?

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Thanks mate,currently using Nero as it’s cheap n cheerful, I know I need to change up but for the moment it gets me going.



Ever tried DJIs own app?

I haven’t, just wondering what the results would be like :thinking:

Adequate for a quick Instagram/social media post.
Used it a few times last year on hols after my laptop went terminal whilst rendering video in 45C temps. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not great … and I found it wanting to take too much control trying to insist you used their wizards.
It’s a year since I’ve used … it may have improved.

On Android, I ended up with Power Director, though seem to recall it wasn’t too keen on the MP’s 4k … that may have been fixed, worth checking. (I must check, too, thinking about it.)
I ended up running the 4k vid through Video Converter into 1080 and then edited. Fine for IG/FB/Twitter/etc., which was all I was wanting at the time.
It does have better dissolves/transitions than the DJI editor.

Nice first video :+1:
Try Davinci Resolve, excellent editing software and it’s free unless you want the studio version.
I’m more than happy with it, it’s way beyond my capabilities.


Thanks for the advice, ill check that out! :+1:

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Ditto - a :+1: for Davinci Resolve!

The free version certainly does far more than I’m capable of understanding/remembering/being worthy.
Goodness knows how anyone ever understands the full potential of the Studio version! :fearful:

My only small gripe with it (admittedly, really, only for the first month or so whilst poking about in all the menus and options) is that all the Studio bell/whistle options are all there in the menus … and you repeatedly get taken to the “Do you want to buy” screen. If only they just greyed out what’s not available, or had those in a different colour.

Really stable too!! Even my tom-foolery hasn’t managed to crash it once!

I’m still using 14 but 15 beta is out now with fusion included.