My first hi-res pano: Gorhambury House and grounds

My first externally created high-res pano from my new MA2. What a great tool… now I just need to get better at using it!


Gorgeous scenery! Cool shot :+1:t2:

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I’ve edited your post for you to include the onebox preview of the pano (very nice btw), I’ve also moved it to the Panos by Drone category/

To share like this in the future, click the share button in Kuula then then Embed HTML, copy and paste that to a new line in your post ;o)


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Many thanks for the assist - I was wondering why a preview didn’t appear. How do you add a link as well so people can see the full high-res version where it’s hosted?

Same as above but in the share options click the ‘link’ tab, copy and paste that to a new line in your post (like this)

Also in the onebox preview if you click info (top right) then your name (top left) it takes you to your Kuula profile (I’ve given you a follow)

Hope that helps.

That does. I shall play further! :slight_smile:

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