My first Mini 2 edited photos

Hey guys! So I’ve taken these pictures on my Mini 2 and edited them with Lightroom and Photoshop. I’m fairly new to this. I think they look great!


Nice one Jordan, Look really good.

Are you shooting in and editing RAW (DNG) files?
what you’ve posted are very small file sizes.

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Thank you! These are just JPG, I’m hoping to get out and capture using RAW as soon as these thunder storms clear off. It’s always the case I’m working when the weather is great! I was so pleased how these JPG photos turned out… I can only imagine how much more flexibility there is with RAW.

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These look great for JPG’s You will be blown away with RAWs. Soooo much more scope. :+1:

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Thanks mate! :+1:

I don’t want to live where the 1st and 3rd photos were taken…

I want to live where the 2nd and 4th photo places are!

Great job​:+1:t3::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: