My first naked GoPro in 1 hour and 30 minutes

Feel free to ask any question.


Naked GoPro presumably? Lol

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Nicely done :clap:t2: How hard was it to strip down and wire up?

Not sure if I’m just been lucky, but much easier than expected. There are a couple of videos on YT to be used as guideline.

Here’s the big question lol.
Have you used the beta bec board or used an additional bec or a different board altogether?
Ive got a hero 6 and betafpv case and bec here ready to go! Just not took the plunge yet


I’ve watched a few videos on youtube and am thinking of giving this a try.

You can pick up a brand new hero 10 for £329 and the case and bec cost £28. So if it works I get a naked gopro 10 for £357.

It’s just getting your head around taking a hack saw to a brand new gopro :grimacing:

Looks like you found it easy enough, Have you had any issues since?