My first pano at Havering country park

My first go at 360 pano it took some time to get it up on the site but got there. DJI down to Google street view then to another app then up to Kuula. Hope you like


Why not just upload to kuula direct from your device (phone/tablet)

@milkmanchris i did try that but the photo was flat will have to look again

They are all flat! Kuula likes the flat ones :wink:

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@Sparkyws next your going to say the earth round :joy:

Hey Graham, you shouldn’t need anything else to post a pano from a mini 2

This is one I did last night posted straight from the device DJI/dji.go.v5/DJI FLY/Video/OriginalFiles/PanoPhoto :wink:

Just remember some devices store the photos internally and some on the SD card that is in the device

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@Sparkyws my son did it that way on his mini 2. I was just struggling. I hope to go out today and have a go and see my other son combining rape seed will see how that one comes out with a bit of video as well🙏

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I did it no trouble this time​:clap::crazy_face: