My first posted video

This is my first attempt at posting a video, just a quickie of an old packhorse bridge in Warwickshire, apart from the transitions it is straight out of the camera.

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Do we get to see the video? :wink:

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Hi @Rifleair and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

I see no video either - if you’ve uploaded it to YouTube or Vimeo, just paste the link in to a post, the forum will do the rest :+1:


I am completely new to posting videos and It was too big for the forum, I dont have a you tube account, so I thought that I had deleted the post, but obviously not!
This is a link to where I think it can be viewed,

Well I’ve tried two hosting sites and no joy, perhaps I’ll give this one up!

Perhaps a YouTube account is the way to go. Not only for sharing here but for watching on a mobile device and TV, great for sharing with friends and family

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Ok I have now tried that, here’s the link



Nice one :+1:

Great inaugural video, @Rifleair. Excellent choice of music. Small comment; some of the camera pans and tilts were a bit sudden. There is a setting to smooth these out. Looking forward to seeing your future videos.

thanks all, yes some are a bit sudden, I still have twitchy finger syndrome!