My First Video Messing about in Boats

I am very nervous about letting you all see this as its no way near what you guys can do but I will post this on Facebook on the 8th as its the 4 year anniversary of my brothers death. He was only 45 and also my business partner so had big impact on my life. I only had about 1 hours proper practice before my next door neighbours said come with us tomorrow film us canoeing hence the low down shots I was still scared of going high and had not done any flying with the special modes etc and have never tried video editing so still lots to learn still trying to get to grips with colour grading and the quality does not seam so good on you tube. I have learned so much regrading the mavic pro and the setting since the early shots, especially with the Yaw speeds etc so have improved most of the setting now just need more flying time only started mid August had about 5 hours so far but will keep learning I’m looking forward to the critic which I am sure i will learn lots from so fire away.
I know that I need to plan better for future flights of special interest etc do story board and map out how I will film and what is it I want to portray etc.
My brother was an big drinker, a bit of a hippy so the music he will like and this was where he most loved to be in the world His Hertford as he thought of it, he was having a mid life crisis I think before he died he was looking to sell his house and Buy a Barge and he loved fishing so all his friends who I will let see this on Facebook will relate a lot to his memory. Turn the music up loud and get drunk and have a spliff you will be in my brothers world


No access to the video…

How do you do it then I was told to copy the link heeeellllppp

It must be set to “Private” on YouTube. It will need to be changed to “Unlisted” or “Public” on YouTube.


It is private but I thought that all I had to do was share the link so I have to change it from private ok I’ll re do

Like @OzoneVibe said, change it to “unlisted”, you dont need to upload again.

“Unlisted” means only those that you supply the link to can find the video and you can simply change to public when your ready for everyone to see.

Ok I have unlisted it fingers crossed

I also know that there is a spelling mistake now sorted and check out how many Hitchcock moments there are :joy:

Now working! :+1:

Great stuff I’m learning something new every day so it’s all good

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Loved the video Dave. As I was born and bred in Ware this bought back loads of memoires of canoeing up the River Lea from Ware Lock to Hertford to attend TS Dreadnought (Was a Sea Cadet back in the early 70’s) and back again afterwards.

Cheers mate I am glad you enjoyed it, I am sure all my brothers friends will have similar memories too, I know I did I moved up from Surrey 13 years ago to set up my business with my brother and rented a flat where my back window looked over to the right for the A10 flyover and I looked on to the marshes I loved it. It started out as a bit of fun and me doing my first proper flight with the MP and my lads from next door, so I had not fully learned how all the drone and camera setting affected the MP, I almost put it in the river a couple of times. I am a bit disappointed with you tube quality its much better on my PC and even better on DR but I still like the final cut.

Really nice memory well done love videos that mean something to someone :+1:

Sorry forgot my manners and forgot to thank you for your help is there anyway if getting the quality better on you tube it’s really good on the PC but very grainy on YT?

Cheers mate

Hi Dave,
No weed for me, but will watch it again tonight with a cigar and a good malt. Love the music (old hippie myself) and video goes together nicely!!!
Btw they are yaks (kayak) and not canoes.
As to the grainy side of things on YT, I had that problem in the beginning but can’t remember what I did to remedy this.
Your video is the reason I want to go and by this Mavic Mini as I’m a canoiest and could have done with some aerial shots on my last outing a few weeks ago.
Sorry but no idea how to embed a video

Cheers mate thanks for the feedback and your video is great. I have just started out and don’t know much about photography and light, shutter speeds etc but have learned loads in the past couple of months and also know that I have soo much more to learn its good fun though

Why nervous . My 5th vid upload was not as good as your first … Good job .

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Cheers mate I’m starting to feel more comfortable with all good feedback so far :ok_hand::pray: