My first Video

Hello everyone, I bought the unit to try my hand at Ariel filming as i used to do a lot of home stuff on a camcorder so this is a natural progression.

im not doing this commercially or anything its just a hobby

Anyways here’s my first video attempt.

Fully ready to take criticism (hides behind sofa)


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YouTube says it can’t be displayed - have you made it completely Private? Need to make it Public I think

Hi cannot be viewed ???

Try now guys

Mmmm interesting, I liked it very much BUT I would have liked to see your turns a bit slower fast rotation hurts the eyes, and when the car was coming towards you and you did the fast rotation personally a cut to the rear view would have been nice… Please dont take my criticism to heart what do I know just a builder by trade (Strong int arm thick int head) as they say round here…

thanks for the input, ive been trying to pan slowly but its not easy as a little stick input seems to make it speed off, i know the bit of footage you are referring to, i couldn’t work out in my mind how to track it as it passed underneath:)

Try these settings they make things really smooth,
Sensitivity 100
brake 130
yaw 50
EXP 25 12 15
smooth 20

Hope these help…

Thanks for that, this is what i love about communities online :slight_smile:
Does anyone know what the cinematic mode does, ie does it modify some of these profiles ?


It just slows everything down really a bit like the settings I use as standard…
Best thing to do is charge all your batterys and go out and test test test and find what works for you.

I liked this Video I like the drive off at the start .