My home cinema set up


One for each eye? :thinking:

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Projector for me and Tv for the wife🙈

My cabin


@leeheyes - is that the A2 CofC course with Mr MPW by any chance :wink:

It is indeed

The viking helmit… So yourrr the guy who invaided the whitehouse. LOL.


Are they B&W’s?

I used to have a 5.1 setup with 602’s on the front 601’s on the rear with the CC6 with an M&K Sub loved it but had to sell when we moved about 10 years back now! it hurt so much!

Dont worry have since moved again and now running the Kef R500 series in an ATMOS Setup :slight_smile:

Yes they are. 603 at the front I’ve got the 602 standmounts as rears with a couple of cheaper JBL speakers on Atmos duty. They’re all ran by a Denon 3300. No sub as it’s a big wooden box in there anyway so it was all a bit much when I had one in the room!

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:…Ooooh…good job I wasn’t on a bus as I’ve just pissed myself laughing. What you like @PingSpike

your picture extends outside the screen - tbh its just all too cluttered for me …

here was mine from 6 years ago …


What does it look like now?

Your dog is not amused :grimacing:

Ha ha …he loved it … it never changed from that picture but sadly am in an apartment now and no separate room for the cinema so I sold it all off …

You can see how the room started here though : Converting the children's play room now they have gone... | AVForums


Nice, thanks for the link!

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