My Journey Milton Keynes to Lancashire

Hi guys
I work in MK and i head home to Lancs on a Friday.
So now I have my Pro with me at all times I am thinking , where is there to fly not to far off the beaten track of the M1 and M6

any suggestions.
Its a horrible journey (been doing it for years) but if I can build a flight into it it becomes bearable.

A browse of the map @ is probably a good place to start.
But I’m sure there’ll be a few members with local knowledge that will have ideas.

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Hi Paul, have you checked out the interactive map over at

Cheers Callum and OzoneVibe
Ii is the local knowledge is more what I am after.

i.e. get off the M1 at Junction X turn left - go 100 yards, park up and you can fly over a beautiful setting.


No problem.

Hopefully someone local can add a few pointers.

Actually I think the interactive map is a winner.

Alternatively i can always send it up whilst stuck on the M6 to see what the hold up is.


Blithfield Reservoir looks just the place.
Far away to charge the batteries en route.

thanks chaps


Mate, you have no idea how many times I’ve been tempted to do this while stuck on the M62 :roll_eyes:

I feel your pain…