My last fly for a while


Real nice shot’s there :clap:

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Hi Mark
Nice pics…same here flying stopped for the time being.

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Beautiful pics, would be very proud of them myself :+1:

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Many thanks kind Sir have taken some fab images over the last 12 months just consumed with what you can achieve Stay safe

Try Snapseed HDR scape introduced to it by @milkmanchris :+1:


They all look very good, it would be good to see the original or one of them as we have done here before on here, especially using Lightbox as it shows what can be done if your good with it as you clearly are… tips…?


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Hi, ND16 filter used, white balance Cloudy,that’s it really then HDRScape

Originals I think

Still very good, you are lucky having a nice area to fly in, which drone is it and camera ?

Great shots!

It’s the Mavic Zoom :+1:

All tips have come from the guys on here so stick around thanks to @milkmanchris @PingSpike @OzoneVibe @Frank @kvetner and many more