My Latest Pano at Barton

I used manual exposure for this on as on auto the low sun was washing it out.


The first one didnt have zoom so here it is again


Great colours in that one! :+1:

Did you do this using the DJI Go 4 app or Litchi?

I used The DJI Go 4 app to take the 34 shots, but then put the stitch together with ICE using the original images from the sd card in Mavic and then finishing off in Photoshop, then uploaded to Kuula


I’m very keen to try this myself. Wasn’t sure what software to use but I’ll checkout ICE thanks for the info

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ICE does a much better job of the stitching than the DJI app as it does not use the original taken, like thumbnails, so the resolution is nothing like using the original images.

The DJI G0 4 app does a good job of taking the images for the pano.

But I would suggest setting the exposure and ISO manually as on auto it tends to over-expose the images as happened with the second pano I took. I could maybe put that right to some degree with Photoshop, but it will never be as good as getting it right in the first place. The one above may be a little under-exposed, but I am satisfied with it.