My local castle (again)

Originally shot in 2014 but only processed today - opps!.

For those that are interested it’s a 388s long exposure. Bet my drone couldn’t do that :rofl::rofl:


Where is it and what is it shot on?

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So my local castle is Coity Castle in Bridgend. About a 10m fast walk or 15m stroll for me.

Shot with my trusty old Canon 60D which is still going strong. F8 / ISO 100 / 388s exposure with, and here I’m guessing, but definitely my Formatt-Hitech ND10 and probably the F-H ND6 stacked in front. Lens in usse is the super cheap, but super nice EFS 10-22mm and I shot this at the 10mm end so in truth, a 16mm focal length.

And, thank you.

Very nice :+1:t2:

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I lug a 750D and various lenses around :joy:
Found a variable ND filter on Facebook, not had chance to test it yet but my replace my numerous individual ones. Goes 0-400ND!

I’ll be interested to see your results as I’ve never been convinced by the variable NDs. But certainly a cheaper way into LE than my approach.

Seen this?

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Fun stuff isnt it.

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Another photographer…Drone nut… Pleased to meet you pal.
These weren’t taken with the mavic either lol

Howdy Alan - some lovely images on your website.

What do you shoot with?