My Local Councils Regs

Okay so I’m thinking of going to the local reservoir tomorrow morning to catch the sunrise with my MP and thought I’d do a bit of research on wether or not I’m aloud :man_shrugging:t3: Still don’t know if I am??
Anyway I came across this whilst googling my questions…

I’ve highlighted the part that concerns me. This can’t be right surely? :thinking:

Only if you are flying near something that may be a concern. Other wise just follow the drone code. On beautiful days at the weekend police switch boards would be clogged up with drone fliers so they are only interested if there is a high likelihood of Joe public phoning saying there’s a drone flying near an airport.
When I got permission to fly near eastmidlands and Blackpool I informed them just so they didn’t have to dispatch a car that could be better occupied.


You will be fine mate, follow the drone code and CAA website, the Police do not need notified its simply someone at the council thats spending up their “allocated budget for useless stuff”
I reckon the person that writes these things get a right power kick out of it.


Thanks for your responses, I did figure that it was a bit OTT to be notifying the police, but didn’t want to get strung up at the same time. Any way I’ve been this morning and got some amazing shots, not time for editing. :grin: thanks again guys! :pray:


2 Things that spring to mind when reading it.

  1. They are only guidelines, (ie suggestions)not legally enforceable rules.
  2. Why is the council wasting time and valuable money on publishing guidelines when they should be doing the job they are paid to do by the tax payer, I’d empty the bins, fix the street lights, mend the roads and sweep the pavements.

Typical Little Man/Woman Syndrome in the Council Mentality. He/she probably googled drone legislation and chose to put the strictest rulings from all categories eg Commercial, Restricted Areas, Restricted Airspace, Congested Areas, and put them all into one list.



This is only to true, the amount of money wasted.
I am just back from a charity run in Southampton delivering toys to S.C.R.A.T.C.H. with the Widowsons nikers which we do each year, as we dropped them they gave us a cuppa and a tour where young girls were giving up their own time to wrap and help distribute the presants for children that otherwise would wake up christmas day without one due to lack of funds all this is done buy people like me members of the public and the council say they cant help because lack of funds.

When I see write ups by councils like this it kinda hits more than one button in me due to the above.