My local (ish) beach sunset

I got out the other night - “pre lock down” and wanted to get some air and if possible a sunset shot. Fortunately one of my local beaches was pretty much deserted and I more or less had it to myself.

So, here’s a last recent sunset from me until after… stay safe folks.


Love it, those little waves crashing against the rock’s

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Cracking photo @stubbyd :clap:t2:

What did you take it with?

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I like that bit as well and added some motion to an otherwise very calm day for the sea, but not calm enough to fly the drone.

With my fairly recently acquired Sony A7ii and the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8. Which reminds me… I need to dig out a wide® angle lens for this setup, or try one of my old Canon based lenses via the adapter…

Shame I’m stuck in the house and the weather is gorgeous!!!

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