My maiden flight,mavic 2 pro,lots to learn about the camera!


@PingSpike Hi Rich,according to my flight records,i was flying at 31.8 mph ,have not dared try sports mode yet!
funnily enough,my mate,who bought my mavic 1 already wants:rofl::rofl: to get a mavic 2,and he,s only just got my old mavic! This happened ,the first time we went flying together,WTF?!!!:grinning::rofl:


Post the proof on the Breaking the speed limit thread, and you’ll be on the leaderboard … until someone beats you. :wink:


@chrisjohnbaker do we know anyone with a new toy that hasn’t said anything YET
or are they too busy updating firmware and not buzz buzzed


Me, me,me ! , was hoping to get out this afternoon, till the wife’s friends Computer died, just got in from repairing it !.
Weather permitting will get the new bird aloft tomorrow.
Or as my wife would say “ Are you going Buzz Buzz Buzzing today”
(Yes dear, and you can go Buzz Buzz Buzz in bed tonight” :scream:)
Oh ! You naughty man Chris !
( er?, do you need some new batteries ,dear !)
Maybe, sod the batteries , I’ll just stick an IEC lead up her a***, and run it on the mains!


Too much info