My mate's Mavic Air 2 for sale

My mate Dennis has asked me to put this up for him as it’s easier for me to do it.
Never been flown outside of his flat, meaning it’s got very few airborne minutes on it.

Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo, he kept the box, so it will be repacked same, extra kit is Cynove RC Tablet Holder Pro, a Set of 4 Sky Reat ND Filters, 2x Lipo Battery Safe Bag, Fairly new Lykus Rucksack, these are within the asking price of £600.00.

A couple of people on here have had stuff from him before, and both have been very happy with their purchases. He’s a really nice guy and a pleasure to do business with.
If any body is interested, message me and I’ll give you his email so you can get in touch.

The other drones in pictures are up for grabs for free, once again if you’re interested let me know.
As he’s written:
"The other Drones are just a give away, l do not want any money, just for someone who may know of an acquaintance that are into Drones, but not DJI, However both SG906 PRO & PRO 2, are foldable GPS Return Home Point of Interest, WayPoint Flight Intelligent Super Long Flight Time, Ultra HD 4K Aerial Photography Multi-Axis Anti Shake Gimbal with 50+ Zooming Optical Flow Positioning.

The L109 PRO QUADCOPTER, foldable Drone, is very sturdy GPS 5G WIFI 800M FPV, 4K HD CAMERA 2 Axis Anti-Shake Mechanical Stabilization Gimbal, Optical Flow Positioning Pressure Sensor, Height Setting, Frequency: 2,4 Focal length 50X 1406 Brushless Motor Electric Power Adjustment 10A Motor Power 27W, Flight time about 25 minutes. 5G WIFI Image Transmission Distance: 600-800m, GPS Follow Me: Permanent Follow, Hand Gesture Shooting: 1-3 m, Flight Altitude:120m, Remote Controller Phone Size: Max 5.5 inc TF Card Video Resolution: 1920 1080 Photo Resolution: 3840 2160. Frame Rate: 25FPS GPS/GLONASS Double Mode, Headless Mode, 7 Strong Wind Resistance Surround Flight etc.

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I have dealt with Dennis and can wholeheartedly vouch for him as avery good person to trade with. If this was eBay he would be would get SIX star feedback.

I’m 100% happy with my Mavic Air 2 but i know my father in law would love one of those free ones (it would be a great surprise for him too) are either still available?


Dennis has just emailed me and said that due to the Mini 3 imminent, he’s dropping the price down to £500 (no offers)

Normally I would leap at that - it’s a bargain price - but I bought a Mavic Air 2 a few months ago in another excellent deal through the GADC Buy and Sell category.

The Air 2 is a cracking piece of kit as other owners will no doubt tell you!

Mmhhh, I’m away to check some specs (and bank balance) as this has really got my interest.

Love my Air 2!

Im sooo tempted

I’m feeling tempted, can you tell us how many cycles the batteries have on them?

I shouldn’t think they’ve had many charges, it’s only been flown in his flat, but you can ask him. Send him an email

(Admin - email address deleted.)

I’ll let him know you might message him


Probably best to remove the email and DM it as your mate will be getting Spammed @GADC_Committee

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Hello Dorje,
Just recently logged into Grey Arrows and notice your question to John, in regards to how many cycles the Batteries have on them, l had to unpack the Drone, for the battery currently in the Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo, it reads 9.


Sent you a PM Dennis. :+1:

I also love my air2. Great bit of kit.

Sent you a DM Dennis :slight_smile: