Hi folks,

Still fairly new to flying drones, bought my MM2 a few months ago and have been practicing before I posted anything.

I know my way around the video editing side, just need more practice with the drone but my confidence is growing.

Please feel free to watch my video and any advice/.comments would be greatly appreciated .Ive been using the cinematic mode to help keep the footage as smooth as I can.


Ian B


Welcome to GADC.

For a fairly newbie pilot I thought it was damn good. Appropriate music, good fades between scenes. If I was to be a bit picky it was a sudden jerky stop at about 2.20 as you approached the loading/unloading ship which could have been smoothed out.

I have to say though that it took me ages to develop the cahonahs to fly over water so we’ll done to you for doing so at what is, as you explained, an early stage in your piloting career.

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Not a bad effort at all for a first attempt. :clap: :clap:

My only criticism would be the transitions. Either make them shorter or perhaps start them a fraction earlier as you can see the jerky movements on the fading out snip, which is why I presume you cut it there.

In the closing sequence, that van driver was legging it quickly in reverse lol. :joy: :joy:

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This might be worth a watch as well. Not cos you need it but it may make your life a bit easier and make the movements of the drone smoother.

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Yeah I did try and cut a few jerky moments.I was messing about with the transitions in FCP but couldn’t quite get it right.

I actually reversed the last clip to show the footage finish as it moved away from the Marina.Then realised after finalising that the van driver had TURBO boost :joy:.

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Many thanks :+1:ill give it a watch.

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Don’t worry, we have all done it lol. It’s one thing I always look for now when reversing footage after doing it myself.