My Mavic Pro Encounters an Iceberg

Having been spurred on by getting my first badge, I wonder if this qualifies for the Ice Flyer?

It was my very first ever video so please be kind!



very good, keep it up

Where / when was this @PJ1300?

Nice! you can see the ice underneath. Was it a proper iceberg @PJ1300?

Hi, yes it’s real. We were on a cruise to Greenland and called in to Narsarsuaq
We saw the berg had been grounded and I took the Mavic up. Next thing I had 20 or so fellow passengers around me watching…that was nerve wracking to say the least, got totally confused with the controls and thanked the “Drone Gods” for the return to home button!



Hi, this was in Narsarsuaq Greenland a couple of years ago.

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@PJ1300 Ice Flyer badge awarded!


Interesting video Peter lovely colour under the water well done.

Thanks, as I said this was my very first attempt at videoing something … and the piloting skills weren’t all that great either.

With time, I like to think the flying skills have become better. There’s a long way to go before the photography does however…and as for the editing skills :scream::scream::-1::-1:

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Dont be hard on yourself Peter - thats a fine effort for a first try. Well done for having the nerve to have a go over water.

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Hang on a minute!!! There’d yellow bits on the top :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Seriously great clip!!!

Cool video!


If you knew how nervous i was flying over the water etc then you’d know how close to the truth you are! :scream::scream::scream:

I had the same feeling when in Pyramiden a couple of years ago, heading to a Glacier over open water for nearly a mile.
Does make the posterior tweak “sixpence, halfcrown” a bit !.


Hi Peter,
Really nice footage.

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Thanks for the kind words

Ohhh yes! :joy::joy: