My memory doesn't want to engage today!

Somewhere on here i’ve used it previously a page where you enter the type of drone you have, which then opens another page asking where do you want to fly etc, and this goes on to ask about current qualifications and such, membership of clubs for section 16 or A2 C of C.
But i can’t remember where it is any ideas please?

Hamburger icon at top right corner of page, then click Good 2 Go.

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that’s the badger, thank you so much and so damn quick. The reason is i’m trying to make up my mind if to get rid of MA2 and get a Mini 2 due to the regs.
Thanks again

I started with a Mavic Air 2 and after a year got a Mini 2, and it certainly opens up more possibilities for places to fly.

The Air 2 is more stable in wind, the videos are better, and the batteries last longer, but it comes with a greater responsibility to find the right places to fly — and keep away from people.

The Mini 2 is easier to carry, quicker to get in the air. It is easy to land, change battery and get airborne again.

People will (sometimes) notice either drone in the air, and stop to talk when I’m airborne or after a flight with either drone l, but the Mini 2 is quieter, smaller, more discreet, fits in to a smaller bag.

I posted a few minutes ago about flying each in strongish winds. Both drones managed it, but the Mini 2 had to work against the wind and the Air 2 just seemed to shrug it off.

I would recommend the Mini2, I bought a fly more kit, refurbed. If you do go in that direction, you can decide if it’s good enough to sell your first drone, or to keep it.

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That is very informing. I just used the “where can I fly” page you linked and put in as if I has a Mini 2 as opposed to the MA2 i actually have. I was somewhat surprised, insofar as i did it twice, as it seems basically with a Mini2 I could do anything and go anywhere and fly regardless of uninvolved persons. Am I reading that correctly? Surely it can’t be that easy. I do have the A2 C of C and a member of FPVUK so section 16 also applies but having never considered a Mini2 i didn’t pay too much attention at the time of training but no, it’s a different situation.
I’m going to read your other post you jus mentioned.

Why do you think 50% of our members own an Mini 2 :slight_smile:

It’s under 250gm, welcome to the world of lightweights.

That’s the beauty of the sub 250g class of drones!

Find a place with no crowds or expectation of crowds to gather during flight. Find somewhere you can stand and where you you can take off discretely and have in mind a few places you can land. Get airborne, and explore!

You may overfly people! Obviously it’s best to keep a distance to not attract too much attention, to maintain people’s privacy, to keep those sharp rotating propellers away from people etc.

Also one can add a Strobon Cree or two to a Mini 2 and still tip the scales at less than 250g.

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That could soon be 50% plus one. :grinning:

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Would you know what ‘Level 5 wind resistance’ is? It’s used ion the DJI Ad Video.

get rid of Keep the MA2 and get a Mini 2 as well .

Fixed it for you!

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DJI say 19-24 mph, but I’m sure I’ve seen videos with higher.

@ianinlondon is your man for drone info. He has a great YouTube channel and is also a regular on here. Check his videos first!

There’s a table on Wikipedia to help:

Is that an exact figure?

Maybe we need an annual poll to establish ownership…

@DroneGeek Like this one Ian?

I guess the next one is due around April :grin:

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As I posted I thought that one might exist! :joy:

Have you added your drones to the poll?