My New little toy missile

Sooo quick - and I haven’t tried 3s yet :smiley:


Is that a toothpick? What’s the spec?

What’s the parts list?

Indeed - toothpick :+1:

Primo 08xx conversion kit - V080x - I got a £15 import charge for this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
1102 9kv Happymodel motors
Crazybee F4 Pro v2 Frsky
Happymodel 200mw VTX & Caddx EOS Cam nicked out of the TrashMob
GNB 2s 450’s and the 3s 300mAh HV that came with the Mobula HD when I get to the park next, I have a feeling I’ll need the room :joy:

Here’s a size comparison with the Mob HD…

…I also picked up some bits for a tiny bit more range seeing as it happily cruises for 8-10 minutes :woozy_face:

(I’ll probably not be using that antenna on the rx :joy: - I picked up the wire version too)

Are they 2" props? And 200mw vtx. Nice.

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65mm - I’m glad I bought lots of spares - sort of :slight_smile: - I’ve already bent a shaft (1mm)
I’ll be getting some of the Avan Tri-blades and screwing them on as soon as I can find them in stock somewhere :+1:

The 200mw is a bit lacking when I compare it to the 600mw VTX I’m using in the Trobula™ :wink:

Took this to the park last night - can’t quite believe the flight time - 450mAh 2s - heavy on the throttle 90% of the time - still over 7v @8minutes - low six’s @9minutes - I thought I was reading it wrong!

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Any videos yet? Love to see it in action.