My North Coast 500 video

Filmed on my Mavic Air 2 and Mini 2. Sometimes with various ND filters left on. Put together in DaVinci Resolve, occasionally using auto correct on colour. These are just my holiday clips edited together rather than trying to make a film. My flying/filming isn’t all there yet but there’s hope.

Please let me know what you think.



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Thanks will see what I’ve done wrong.

Video link edited.

Hi sawk well done :clap: nice flight :ok_hand:

Overall, very nice IMHO. Made all the more interesting as I am going up there next week. Fingers crossed for the weather to fly.
I only watched half but will go back to it. May I ask what the falls are at about 11.00? I presume they are after the Clashnessie Falls.

Great Video well done :smiley:

I would say the falls you ask about are called the Wailing Widow

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Damocles has it below. Wailing Widow filmed from above watching the drone go down as well as from the bottom flying in and up.

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And good luck for your trip.

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Very nice mate, some great shots in there!