My quest to depink my footage!

looked into my colour values and pulled the red channel down a bit. Everything seems to have a touch of red to it. Think it could come down a touch more still and not sure what’s introducing it.
Anyway, what are your thoughts?

Not enough red now mate.

It was only one of your videos I could see the red tint (mavic air flight 2).

Wyre country park one looks ok.

The ones on your YouTube starting with DJI are alright but guessing they are unedited. What’s up you don’t like the colour in these? They seem pretty accurate, maybe just play with exposure, saturation and contrast to give it a shine.

What software are you using? Depending on the colour accuracy of your monitor you may be seeing something completely different from us.

Might be worth finding a decent LUT you like for the Air and apply that to your footage.

I’ve got some but are designed for Mavic pro in DLOG. Could give them a go if you want, just might need to dial back the saturation and contrast.

Hi Callum,
They’ve all been through Resolve before hitting youtube :slight_smile:
Perhaps I’ll just go b&w :wink:

You see vids up online (from the MA) and the colours always seem really vibrant - everything i get seems to be a bit muddy - I’m trying to keep the exposure right which is tricky as the sun is typically quite low.
I’ll post up the original later if I remember and you can give me an idea of what to twiddle to jazz it up a bit :smile:

I went through the same with MP. A lot of the videos you watch are in great lighting and edited by pros.

You need to be on the ball when using manual exposure. Use your histogram and over exposure warning (zebra lines).
Any time you change direction check your exposure.

Exposure is key.

Sometimes (mostly) now I get lazy and just shoot auto exposure. If your cutting up your footage it’s not as if you see it changing. Just set your exposure between 0 and 1EV and off you go.

Sometimes better to just let it worry about the shutter and you concentrate on the shot or flying. Nothing worse than getting home and realising all your videos are under exposed. Nothing you do will give you that vibrant look if exposure is not right.

Use manual for continuous shots, panning or changing direction, also in lower light when you want to keep ISO down. You can get to that later though.

I try to keep exposure slightly on the high side. I use a ETTR lut that tones it down. That’s just my preference and think it brings out best on a small sensor.

I’m still learning all this as well mate and not fully happy with my own grading although getting better.

One thing I have learned though is keep it simple, don’t over think it, trying to juggle shutter speed, composition and flying.

If there’s any way I can help though let me know.


Thought my DSLR was “getting old” … until I spent 3 months in Italian sunshine. :wink:


Holiday shots always look amazing, really brings out best in any camera.

I’ve stopped watching drone footage in warmer climates, just pisses me right off.


Any advance on this one @Japester ?

Not even flown the drone for weeks! Let alone played with any footage.
Just in the middle of replatforming my IT infrastructure at work, then changing the DR solution. Reckon I’ll get some time back just in time for winter! :smiley:

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Ahh, no worries mate!

Let us know where you get to on this quest to depink the footage :slight_smile: