My Sd card is constantly saying full

Even after I have erase my sd card the controller keeps saying sd full… I have erased picture etc from djiGo app… any ideas

Have you tried to format using the GO4 app? Make sure and take off whatever you need as it will erase everything.

Are you using a Mac or Windows?

I am erasing sd card on my iMac, I guess that’s not right , do I format the card while go is connected to mavic?

Reason I asked was I remember reading a while ago when you delete files on an SD on Mac, they aren’t actually deleted. They are moved to a hidden trash folder which is still taking up space.
You would need to format instead of just dragging to trash or delete.

Formatting on your mac or through GO4 app while connected to mavic should solve your problem.

There is probably a workaround with Mac but not something I use.

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I found a few of the threads I read it in. Basically when you delete files on Mac you need to empty trash before ejecting drive.

Formatting in GO4 while connected to mavic is a quick solution as long as your sure you have everything off you need.

Thank you for your input… I will try that

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ALWAYS FORMAT IN THE MAVIC, using the Go4 app.

Doing so else where can result is a different format than needed by the MP.

Remember to set whether you want file numbering to reset on format, or not. It can be a real pain (depending on how you store old pics/video) if that goes back to “1” again. I like the numbers to continue after formatting.

(It’s a shame DJI don’t have a date numbering style … which has even more uses.)


Yes found the format on the controller… thanks guys all sorted



I have the same issue with my MacBook Pro, always end up formatting in the app before flights, It must be a Mac thing, my Sony camera acts the same who ever I try to format on the Mac ;o(

So as my SD card fills up reducing the capacity for additional footage I need to save anything I want to keep elsewhere but instead of deleting from the card I need to format it in the drone from the controller and that takes me back to full capacity on the SD card?

Additionally, there is no way on a Mac to free up some space on the sd card?


Keep what you want by dragging it off the card on the Mac in Finder

Once you have what you want to keep you can then format (wipe) the card, best to do the format in the drone (especially if you’re a Mac user)


I connect my drone to the Mac via the USB cable, drag the files from the Drone’s folder to the Movies folder on my Mac, and check they are working.

On my machine, my drone’s movie folder is called:

If, at the end of this process, I have less than, say, 30G of free space on the drone’s SD card, I then drag the oldest files directly from the drone’s folder to the Trash on the Mac. Before ejecting the drone’s SD card, I empty the trash on the Mac. This results in freeing up space on the drone’s SD card. Only then do I eject the card from the Mac.