My TV debut!


Some of you might remember that I was approached by a production company for the BBC to buy some of my footage. Well, I’ve had my 2 seconds of fame tonight…


Even just two seconds is enough for the Celebrity Badge. :wink: :+1:


Congrats mate - being on national television is something I’d be seriously chuffed with :clap:t2:


Got to admit to a pleased feeling. Here’s to many more for all of us


Now adorning my profile.


Looking good! :+1:




When’s the Oscars, I’ll be there for an autograph, do you realise you’ll be fighting off the “chicks”…:woman_zombie:


Congrats, Dont forget to mention us in your bafta acceptance speech.
I have a few photos & vids on a site called FARSAP, which is a record for the national archives of railway signalboxes, and people operating them commissioned on behalf of the National Railway Museum.
It’s my only claim to fame I’m afraid.


I was watching that program and immediately recognised it as drone footage! Congratulations.


Woo hoo! well done that man,and i might say very well done and very deserved :+1::+1::+1:




Welcome to Grey Arrows @SJDrones :smiley:

Although looking at your profile, you’ve been with us for some time already :blush: