Nalin's 5" FPV Quad thread ๐Ÿ˜Š

I asked for a discount and they were not pleased!

Did the first flight on SIM yesterday. Couple of questions. Whatโ€™s โ€œARMINGโ€ and in real life how do you start the motors? eg: on DJI you bring the sticks together towards the middle.

Iโ€™ve been watching a few videos on Betaflight and it seems like a pretty clever well written piece of software! Havenโ€™t used it yet. So building up to it.

You arm it just by a switch on your transmitter. As soon as you do, the motors will start up. You can only arm it if the throttle is at the bottom.

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This tab in betaflight is useful to tone it down. You can lessen the throttle, also reduce the roll/pitch/yaw rates.
Whatever figures you end up with is fine as its personal preference.

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@Steviegeek @uduwawalan Iโ€™ve moved this thread out of #for-sale-wanted and over to #racing-quads-self-builds-and-fpv as itโ€™s turned in to quite an interesting discussion topic :smiley:

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Thanks @notveryprettyboy for the help. before I put it out here, I had to troll through a number of videos on FPv beginner type and none really explain this well. I also saw a chap talking about two stage arming. I think I may watch it again and see if this can be done on this new toy.

If you put the props on keep it away from you. Thatโ€™s what I have come to gather.

I think tone down the beast is a good place to start.

Also I saw that the props have to be put with the blunt edge facing outwards? is that correct? My first session on the simulator wasnโ€™t too bad. But it was also pretty basic.

I wish I could configure my drone in the Simulator. But I may be asking too much. Need to investigate that.

Also anythin I set up on the menu system on the Radio (flysky), can be overwritten by what I do inside Betaflight. Thatโ€™s my current understanding.

The front 2 should spin the opposite, and the diagonal 2 should spin the same. Its just 4 fans really so make sure they blow down,a%20standard%20for%20all%20multicopters.

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Glad that this was moved to this area. Hopefully some of this will be of use to another noob like myself.

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@gunja99 I didnโ€™t see a USB port on this. May be I ahvenโ€™t looked hard enough!

The internal lipo has been removed from these goggles because they were puffed up and dangerous. There is no usb port, but a 3s power in via cable and an av in I think.

Yes, there is a black lead about one meter long with a right angle circular power plug at one end and the other end has a connector for the lipo battery balance port

wish i could educate my self with drone jargon like you two Steviegeek

So I had to wait all this time to get the extra batteries and some props and a charger. To cut a long story short, the Tattu R-line battery is not balanced and is the same with the identical new one! I will go back to the supplier about the new one.

So here are the results:
One purchased here: capacity 2% total V 13.15 cell 1 : 2141 cell 2: 3672 cell 3: 3670 cell4: 3674
New one 3% 13.62 2217 3800 3799 3800

I have read / watched and the instructions are not to charge if the cells are so widely out of kilter.

The Charger I am using is a HTRC C240 Duo.

I can only point the finger at me at this time as I am a newbie and I may be misinterpreting the results. Now @Steviegeek may ask me why are you not using the charger I purchased from here. All of the Laptop power supplies I have have a 19v output. So dare not use it on that charger. I plan to get a power supply and see if the issue is with the charger.

I feel I am not โ€œgetting off the groundโ€ here. Pardon the bad pun.

HELP! Please.

The charger should balance them. The only problem is if you parallel charge more than 1 battery.

Its funny how its cell 1 thats bad though on both batteries. I feel like the charger is at fault?

Thaks @notveryprettyboy. Thatโ€™s my line of thinking as well. Even on the second new battery! The learning curve got steeper. Never mind, we learn and live.
purchased for the RC the first cell is out is reporting 2238 for the first cell and 3805 for the second! I have written to Letโ€™s see what happens. I will also write to HTRC and see if they come back.

I can assure you that the battery supplied was well balanced at 3.8v each cell +or- 0.05v
It has been sitting happily at that level since the last test flight and was rechecked, by me, just prior to being packed.

I obvs donโ€™t know what has happened since being delivered to you, what charge settings you have used etc. but I can assure you that I would NEVER ship a lipo with the cell voltages that you describe.

Steve @Steviegeek


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One thing that is worth checking Nalin is if youre using the multi plug boards with extension leads like these

Make sure all the pins are fully inserted in the plugs and are making good contact. I had one a while ago that looked like it was inserted correctly but when plugged in the wire would push out slightly and give inaccurate readings on one particular cell due to poor contact.

The fact that two new batteries exhibit the same behaviour raises questions.

I have no doubts about what was purchased here. I also didnโ€™t hesitate to buy something via this forum as I trust everyone here.

Thatโ€™s why I pointed the finger at myself as the newbie and asked for advice.

I wrote to HTRC as well. It may be Chinese new year there so may not receive a response.

I can try to use a multimeter May be.

Thanks to all.

If you wanted to return the battery(s) to me I can run tests for you on a variety of models/types of chargers to see what results come through. :slightly_smiling_face: