Narrowed it down to a few choices


After much research and looking around the web at deals ect.

Ive narrowed my next purchase down to a few choices.

Bugs 5w

These are all within my £150 budget.

Anyone had any experience with any of these?


Nope, I would have gone to a Ryze Tello with a Controller, just my opinion.


Tagging in some other potential 501 owners :@Skorp @Criden @BogeyBlack @dougbb @Kai @DanRobinson @james6belgravia and last but never least, @joe.k :smiley:


I’ve got a Hubsan 501 - it’s main drawback is the camera - it’s fixed, no gimbal, so you don’t get smooth video unless you’re stationary. Apart from that, I like it - controller has built in screen, no plugging in of smartphone etc.
Easy to fly, lots of features - if you can get it for under £150 I’d say go for it.


Nice one @Criden, good to know mate :+1:t2:


Awesome thanks.

Gonna order myself one tomorrow!


Nice to fly but I find the battery management and general set-up for every flight a bit of a pain.
Haven’t used mine since getting the Mavic.