National Geographic partner with DJI for photo contest

More signs that drone photography is being taken seriously come with the news that heavyweight media entity National Geographic has partnered with DJI to run an aerial photographic contest that closes on October 31st. A unique aspect of the contest is that non-drone owners have a chance to rent a Mavic Pro for up to two weeks for free.

The bad news is that the competition is only being run in the US and Canada.

Even so, it’s good to see recreational drone usage being given this sort of recognition. Hopefully they’ll expand the contest to the rest of the world next time.


That is great news. Shame UK not in with a chance. It will come.

I have entered several NATGEO photo contests in the past with DSLR photography.

Good on NATGEO for moving with the tech/times.

When we get more members, we should run a weekly themed comp for drone shots or footage based on a particular theme of the week.

I like the idea of theme of the week

Yes, agreed. We could do a lot of different challenges. Maybe organise some local meetups too.

Meet-ups is a defo I think. Maybe even deserving of a new category when we get the member numbers up.

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All for meet-ups, both regional and national, and themes (monthly?).

For themes don’t miss the first of our new Challenges - the 2017 Fireworks Challenge! Link at the stop of the page. There’s also a new exclusive series if Badges to be won on a whole variety of themes. See the Media category.