National Trust Drone Policy - UPDATE!

As most of you know at the beginning of the year and since I was and have been in correspondence with the National Trust regarding their outdated bylaw and website policy statement. Well, after weeks of waiting I’ve finally had an update from their Outdoor & Natural Resource Team.

The salient point I take from their reply is that they make no mention of overflight of their land and merely refer to ‘on’ their land., I would also assume they will apply to the relevant Gov body to have their outdated bylaw updated accordingly.

I shall keep up the correspondence and keep you all updated should anything be worth posting.

Good Afternoon Phil,

Thank for your follow up email requesting an update on for drone policy.

The new legislation has now been reviewed by our legal team and we will soon be able to update our drone policy webpage.

We will still be governed by the bylaws, therefore we are still able to control what happens on our land but we will be updating the website to reflect the change in legislation and to have a much more friendly message.

Kind regards

T Outdoors and Natural Resources Team

National Trust, Heelis, Kemble Drive, Swindon, SN2 2NA


Very nice to read something that sounded positive, lets hope it is indeed a ‘friendly message’!