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Getting sidetracked now off the thread subject, but if your flying at say 100- 300ft, I think the chances of an aircraft encroaching your airspace below you is virtually impossible ( unless it’s another drone) :wink::wink:

Or an Augusta Westland 169 or 189.
These screenshots just a few days apart when I had the specific intention to fly a drone.

Can we get this back on topic, please.

Sorry if this has been asked. So TOAL is not allowed on NT sites but you can fly over them. If you were to take off from public land and fly over the NT land, are you allowed to walk onto the land as although they do not own the air space, you are in control of the drone standing on their land. Or is it the fact that once you take off, where you stand is not a problem as long as your landing is back on private land. Also when you say that you can not take off from their land, is that actually from the physical land or within the boundary of their land… I.E can you get away with taking off from your hand and doing a hand grab to land???

My friend said he friend wants to climb snowdonia and asked me if a drone would follow him. I had to explain the fact of VLOS and if it was following then you are not doing VLOS (which is a bit of a daft feature). Ok it if is in front of you maybe but do you really want to be looking at a drone all the time when climbing. I also said a spotter would probably not wanna go climbing. I said that he could take off from public land but upon going up the hill, should the battery get low or he need to get back to the public land he will have to navigate down the hill rather then just come flying towards the space as where he was going was over 1000 ft. So he has to keep within 400ft of the ground. Pulling away towards it would not take long to go above the 400ft depending on the rate of the incline of the hill. (I may have put him off lol)

None of this has been tested in court yet but the safe assumption is to replace “TOAL from their land” with “flying from their land”.

Which you can apply to any land owner, not just NT.

Which means:

No, because then you’d be flying from their land.

No, because then you’d be flying from their land.

Thanks, that did clarify it. As my friend was asking for info, I wanted to let him know.
I could not see a practical way of doing it as it would require someone to fly off site and VLOS would not be practical and trying to stay safe with 120m from ground and getting back to the TOAL point just does not seem practical. May advise gaffer tape and a selfie stick lol.

Ask him to join us

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He does not have a drone. Trying to get him interested. He is asking me on behalf of his friend who is doing the climbing, not actually sure where the drone comes into it or who has the drone. Unless it was going to be a request for me to do it. If it was then it just is tooooo much messing around and hassle and probably not possible. I have a few people I am trying to get interested but they are asking me to look on here for a drone for them and I pass the details on but they never really want to make the plunge yet. I guess they will at some point.

@Foley Doesn’t need one Russ. I joined before I got one and I know there are ‘members’ that tune in for the info prior to committing to buy one. :+1:

Gotta get him interested. He saw ours and that is it really. Lol.

In case it helps, the CAA guidance does allow for the use of drones in follow me mode without the need for VLOS as long as the drone is set to follow no more than 50m away. The friend would just need to control its height if possible.

I think this ‘exemption’ only applies to drones that can be flown in A1 though.

And finally (maybe), to play devil’s advocate, do the NT have drone gestapo patrolling every square metre of Mt Snowdon, ready to clap you in irons and escort you off the premises as soon as you launch?

Search the forum for “Snowdon” and you’ll find plenty of footage. :wink:

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@Foley The Trust only looks after Hafod y Llan Russ, so as far as I am aware the Ridge and summit are classed as public spaces so drone away. :+1:

I will pass it on. Thanks

The pink bit is national trust land according to their land history map…

The summit land is owned by the Snowdonia National Park Authority, who simply say on their website:

“Care should be taken when using drones on mountains due to the high number of hikers. On Yr Wyddfa, all paths to the summit (which are also all Public Rights of Way) are geographically very narrow linear corridors used by a high number of hikers. The summit can be very busy, especially during the summer. More than one drone flying around in close proximity to each other could cause a considerable public safety concern.”

Though they then spoil it with a mixed bag of ‘rules’ …

I wish I had my mini 2 when I did Crib Goch a few years ago. Would have been awsome taking a dronie from the kniife-edge. I took a GoPro up with me but it it packed in on the way up! :cry:

The National Trust ( worth posting this here. The actual 1965 bye-laws they use.

They class drones as a conveyance and ban under article 11.

Have a look at all the other stuff banned that everyone does on a daily basis without sanction.

Also finally,

Penalties for Infringement of Byelaws
26. Every person who shall offend against any, of the foregoing Byelaws shall be
liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £20 and in the case of a
continuing offence to a further fine not exceeding £2 for each day during which the
offence continues, or such other maximum as may be specified from time to time by
any Act of Parliament enacted after the date hereof

So if they did want to get arsey about it, basically £20 for a drone permit with £2 for each further day you use it. Bargain…

@gnirtS That’s interesting. Most Park related bylaws that I’ve come across refer to a level of fine ie Level 2, which is a maximum of £500 today. £20 in 1965 would have been a lot but today … peanuts! :+1:

The fine has been mentioned lots of times

Never heard of anyone getting it

Similar to my AV Job. I did a lot of work in London and to park my 7.5 truck was expensive. Gaffer said, park on double yellows, it is cheaper then car parks. lol

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