Nato Meeting 2019 - Temporary Flight Restriction

Hey Guys.

Just thought i’d let you know if you live down south then there is a temporary flight restriction in an around Uxbridge / West London area due to the Nato 2019 meeting. The DJI Fly app shows this.

I was very impressed by this app as today I planned to find a safe park/area to fly in with my Mavic Mini. So i’ll wait now until the Nato meeting is done.

See map for restricted zone area and more details.


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There are two temporary flight restrictions … neither active today.

The one centred on Watford for the NATO meeting is active between 07:00 and 17:00 tomorrow (4th Dec).

There’s also one tomorrow (4th Dec) for his chopper to fly to Stanstead between 15:45 and 16:45.

Been driving to the centre of london last two days and tomorrow. It should say ‘no driving zone’ the traffic was that bloody awful.


It’s Donald Tramp’s fault …

Haha :joy:

It’s ok. They all deserve road closures and escorts, breaking the speed limits and ignoring lights, and zebra crossings. I’m happy to wait :unamused: