NATS Permission

I like to be as law abiding as I can without being uptight about it so in the interest of “being a good UK Drone citizen” I tweeted NATS to ask how one goes about flying in a restricted zone.

The area in question sits between Cardiff airport and RAF St Athan - and in all honesty probably never hets overflown. So All I want is to be able to go to a max of 50m, maybe 75m absolute tops and a diameter of less than 300m. NATS pointed me at their application for such a flight and I have no issue filling it in except for the date…

So, have any of you filled in one of these for a hobby flight and if so how do you select a date range knowing that you have to give ‘at least’ 14 days notice? Hang on a mo, let me just get my crystal ball to check the weather then…oh yes, it’s Wales, it will probably be wet. Sarcasm aside, I went with a start date towards the end of this month and set the end date another month ahead. I have no idea how they’ll respond but hoping they will see sense and come back and say either:

a. that’s fine or
b. ring this umber on the day to double check.

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Which kind of airspace are you referring to?
The new FRZs or other airport control zones?

If FRZs, then it’s the relevant airport you need to contact - and you won’t need to provide that much notice.

The info is here …

Even other airport control zones - the airport should be your first port of call.

Yes the FRZ’s. Had forgotten that name, thanks.

Have tried to find a contact number for Cardiff airport being the one primarily affected (my estimation of St Athan’s circle is that I’d be ok with them. However, all contact references for Cardiff say - contact NATS, so I did and thus I am where I am …

Cardiff ATC : 01446-712562

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I tried Googling it and got not a lot - where did you find that please?

And thank you.

In the other post ….

Followed the link under Full contact details of protected airdromes at available at the UK AIP

Clicked on Cardiff

Clicked on “Textual Data”


Basic contact info is right there …

Gotcha - will try not to be so dull next time but can’t promise :smiley:

Let’s us know how you get on.

My local Aerodrome is much quieter than Cardiff, but has a drone page with information and a flight application contact form. They require 24 hours notice. I have tried it yet but intend to soon, just to test it.