ND filters I've seen the light

Ok so I’ve watched videos on YouTube and read hundreds of pages, and today I came to the conclusion Yes you do NEED ND filters. I took the M2Pro out earlier and the video was washed out, stuck a ND 8 on www what a difference.
So on the shopping list now is a set for the zoom and a set for the typhoon.


The spending never stops…:+1:


Know that feeling very well, Osmo Pocket spending this week, to date…
Nearly £550 !!!, but, I think I am nearly Accessorised out now !!

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Thinking of getting some ND filters for my P3A, any advice on what or where to buy please. Do you have to remove the lens/filter on the camera and is it easy. ?

I can’t speak for the p3 lens but on the Mavics you do remove the lens. I got mine from hobby mounts, Paul there is a really great guy, but I think any supplier should be ok.
PGYtech seem to be very good as a mid budget set, P olarPro are the rolls Royce apparently but to be honest I couldn’t justify the extra cost for the name, mine came in a fantastic case.

I got a adjustable ND Filter for my P3A and P4, it was great, you just turned the front and you could have numerous NDFilters all in the one, seem to recall it was made by Neewer.
The ring on the front has to come off to fit most of the filters.
similar to this one.

wrap an elastic band round the very front of the ring, will add extra grip to unscrew it, DO NOT USE ANY PLIERS OR SUCH LIKE !

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@Drifter try here, good kit, for the money ! !

Thanks for the advice guy’s. Might give the PL UV ND2 a try.:grin:

Clever how they do the Variable ND Filter, I believe it is two polarising filters rotated at 90 degrees, the more you turn it, the darker it gets !.
Unless it is some other type of filter.

Hi Chris, I just received the Neewer filters you recommended . Any advice on camera settings , or links to online videos on the subject would be appreciated . Thanks again .

All I can say is search Youtube with the search phrase:
“phantom 3 advanced nd filters”,
there are loads of how to set them up on there.

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Hi Cris, thanks again for your help. You are one of the reasons I love this group, always get help when requested.

Just ordered these as a last minute pre-holiday purchase. Experimentation needed!

Originally got a set of these for my Mavic Pro, were a right pain in the arse to fit, as the Mavic Pro had to be switched on to fit them !.
Ended up sending them back, being refunded, and, getting a set that passed the Gimbal start up procedure, without the drone being powered up (Made By “Taco”)