ND filters question

Ok so it’s well known that the Polar Pro filters are arguably the best. A couple of months ago when I decided to get some I loaded up the rainforest buying place and was flicking through and there was a set at a quarter of the price of the Polar Pro’s called MIAO, £20 for a set of 4. Good reviews however not many reviews but for the money saving I bit the bullet. I think they’re great, they do the job which I set out to achieve. Zero issues whatsoever.

Fast forward to now and I’m wondering whether I should’ve spent the extra on the ‘best’ ones. I’m quite happy to sell on my current ones and upgrade but my question is, is it worth it? Isn’t a filter just a filter?


If it suits your needs and your happy with the results then why upgrade.

It probably doesn’t make much of a difference on a small sensor like the mavics.

It may come down to issues like longetivity and how durable the coatings are.

Personally I would probably just stick to the ones you have or if you really want polar pros get the vivid collection which are polarised and use alongside your existing ones

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As @callum said, if they do the job to your satisfaction, why upgrade?

I am also using the MIAO filters and have found them to be excellent. I have done some brief testing with/without the filters and can’t see any colour cast or degradation of image quality (although I haven’t gone pixel peeing either).

So, I would say they are pretty good and excellent for the money. As you aren’t seeing problems I would stick with them!

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You loaded up the what, mate?!

You’ve lost me on this one :rofl:

I was like that initially, you will get it eventually mate


Rainforest… Amazon… :see_no_evil:

I’ll get my coat.


I have a few sets, but love the Polar Pro, specially the vivid cinematic polorised ones. They really pimp colour and add depth to over water shots.

View Over Derwent Valley With Polar Pro polorised cinematic Mavic Filters

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