Nearly finished the graphics but had to go for a play


I like that, is this a kit or have you done it yourself?

I bought the template and cut them my self . I cut the yellow stuck them on then made the checkers out of red reflective and stuck them over the top but i also used the template that i cut the yellow from to shape the checkers as well so they would fit

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It looks fantastic, is it going to be a full cover in the yellow?
How much would that cost if you were to make another? :thinking::wink:

its all done now i didnt want full yellow so just made the bits i wanted it is basically as you see but with red checkers on the side/middle of the arms and on the nose as well/ Thought i would use red as blue would have been a dead ringer for the Police Drone hahahaha. As for cost that vinyl was expensive and the person i bought it off sent it all folded up in envelope so threw most of it away as it wouldn’t go through the cutter just the vinyl for what i done there was approx £20

I saw the photo and thought, “Ah, this guy must fly for the Fire Service:rofl:

this isnt the guy flying the flame thrower in that vid we saw is it:joy: