Nearly had a heart attack

Thought I would share this with you, went out to do a bit of testing and filming…
I had two moments that to be blunt if a walnut was between my butt cheeks I would have crushed it… LOL
The 1st one was testing the follow mode, you will see what I mean when you watch it, Number 2 was a OMG moment I pressed RTH and it just didnt do what I expected !!!
It ended ok managed to regain control and get it back safe and sound…
Footage un edited straight from the card.


I would have been flapping.

Nice active track there :+1:

what was your return to home height set at?

Reuuc. 120ft

Just found this useful video on YouTube. Don’t know if it’s the same as what happened to you but there’s some good advice about flying your Mavic over water.

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Best advice i can give to fly over water is to just do it. Trust your drone and Don’t mess with your settings. Do nothing, just fly and only go a height that your comfortable with.

I never worry about flying over water it was when I pressed RTH and it just dropped altitude where it was lots of what should I do things go through your head, luckily I pressed the pause button and she just stopped and hovered, I rebooted the app and all was good … thank god :+1:

Hooooooly shit! :open_mouth:

How close to the water was it when it stopped descending??

I think I’d have rather crashed in to the back of that Merc lol :smiley:

I think it stopped at about 18" off the water, my heart nearly came out of my chest, No I love my Merc the waiting time on that was longer than the one for the Mavic LOL