Nearly lost my Spark

Well nice afternoon, out so I decided to take the spark out for a test on the rocks near my caravan park. Flying towards the harbour when my mobile which was linked to the controller recieved a text message. Ignoring my text, I decided to put this into sport mode and get it back, again another test followed by a 1% battery warning on my phone…doing what you should not do and that is to take your eye of the drone, I did and now It’s gone and can I hell hear it or even see it… PANIC!!! phone just died.
So it was a quick press of the return to home button and wait to hear the props, thank goodness I did and had to make a retreat back home.
On reviewing the recording, this thing flew about 300ft from my position along the far end of the beach. Thank goodness I have just bought the CrystalSky monitor, hopefully be here soon. And I may just leave that SPORT button alone.

Scary stuff! You will find the battery life of the CrystalSky much better and of course the screen is really bright :wink:

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Part of the pre-flight checks. Phone/CrystalSk, or any/device … charge state.
For me - part of the “before I leave home” checks.

Sport, or non-sport mode, if you let go the controls it will just stay where it is. #Sorted

Ya live and learn, eh? :wink:

Its arrived …looks like some shoes LOL

Drone battery 100% mobile phone 45%, so guessed that would be oK
Never again, more so with my Air.
I am new to this game, as you can guess. Thanks mate
Now my Crystalsky has arrived, I won’t be using my mobile anymore.
Anyone train people these days on how to fly these correctly, or is it a case of learn by your mistakes

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Sounds like a close call there @m2bfx

If you do fly again using your mobile, I’d recommend switching the phone to Airplane mode, last thing you need is someone ringing you (or texting!) mid flight :slight_smile:

There is, but they all charge silly money :frowning:

You’d be far better off meeting up with other flyers in your area and swapping tips and advice :+1:

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@PingSpike never even thought about that, however I now have my CrystalSky so no more battery issues.