Nerves and misses

Funny old day today.
Had a free day and after seeing some drone footage of Filey Brigg I thought Ill have a drive out there with the Drone and see what I can get. Weather was great only a light breeze and being midweek the place was virtually empty.
Off I trot to the end of the Brigg. Then it hit me. I stared out down the cliff face and out towards the sea and I became very uneasy about flying the drone.
Last week I took some footage at Sandsend and thought that would get rid of the nerves I felt then but no they were back and a lot stronger than last week.
I powered uo the drone set the camera up and flew towards a direction I had in mind. 100ft from me and over the sea all that was on my mind was losing the drone.
daft I know but it was nerve wracking.
Brought it back to land with the footage id viewed online going through my mind.
I fel disheartened that my bottle had gone and I couldn’t get the clips id planned out as id walked along.
How do you guys overcome that initial fear.
Then this evening I decide to have a stroll on the Ings in York and fly there.
I had seen the canoes going down the river and thought it would make a good shot from high. By the time drone was unpacked they were gone. Never mind I thought ill just practise the intelligent flight modes and have a bash round in sports mode.
Battery low I land her and decide to not replace battery but call it a night. Just as I zip the bag up two Deer startled by a dog walker head out and move across my earlier flight path. I watched as they gracefully moved across the Ings as I cursed I hadn’t put the other battery in and gone up again.
funny old day really


Stress, nerves, worry - call it what you will but it is a funny old beast.

I’m grateful that I don’t suffer with such things but have a wife and eldest child (29 now) that do. In my wife, I know when her stress times hit because she can’t even answer yes / no to ‘do you want a cup of tea’. In those situations, I take charge and present her with a cup of tea. If she drinks it fine. If she doesn’t equally fine.

For your drone “`worries” all you can do is little steps and if it doesn’t work out then do as you did with the deer - shrug and move on. If needs be, get a fellow droner along and watch them, see how they are in the same situation. It can help but bottom line is you have to accept that the way you react is you and try not to compare yourself to, for example, me. I fly my drone 100’s of metres out to sea and never a worry but as I age I realise (I always did, it’s just that much clearer now) that we aren’t all built the same way and thank the lord we aren’t.

Ultimately, you have to accept the bottom line. You can make as many plans as you want and be as prepared as you can be but shit still happens. It isn’t your fault (99.9999% of the times) and you can’t control what does or doesn’t happen. What you can try and manage is how you feel and react. If your reactions remain strongly negative then find a friend, a professional, someone that you can talk to … even if they don’t have an answer.

Namaste my friend.


We must arrange a meet I’m not a million miles from you, safety in numbers ;o)

I think once you have seen others flying and can get that confidence that (for the main) it will always come back then your confidence will grow also.

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That’s a really good, pragmatic response that shows the kind of wisdom that usually only comes with experience and a few grey hairs… Great response :+1:

I have a slightly different spin which I hope proves useful. Firstly, fear of something like flying drones is a conditioned response that’s learned. You’re worried about the consequences and possible outcomes. It can be overcome and it comes to some faster than others. In some ways, I’m one of the boldest (often stupidest people) I’ve ever known. I push all my boundaries, often to my own detriment… And my arse cheeks regularly pucker up when I’m flying, especially over water.

As Stuart has said, practice, practice, practice… Condition yourself to be more confident. Just takes a bit of time. Definitely fly with others. I’ve been out with @MiMo28 and @nigeljohnson73 a couple of times… What great guys… We encourage each other to grow our confidence, try new things, learn new techniques etc.

Keep at it buddy :+1::+1::+1:


Cheers for the replies advice etc guys.
Yes Chris getting out with another flyer would be beneficial I think.
The wife says it’s the male menopause lol. Confidence has never been an issue with things in the past that’s for sure.
It’s a new challenge for me and unlike other things I’ve attempted in the past this is something no one else I know does so getting out with another flyer hasn’t been possible.

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Lot’s of droners in your area… Have you looked at the members map? It’s not male menopause :rofl:… As we all get a bit older (I’m 42) we get more weary about what we do. Everything hurts a bit more. We remember a bit less… Injuries take a little longer to heal. Body and mind are hugely connected… Push through and keep trying. If you’re ever near North West London, I’d happily take you out for add long as your batteries last :wink:


Up until my Cruise round the “Med” a couple of weeks ago, I had never flown over the open sea directly.
I had flown over inland waters several times, but, the Sea always strikes me as “no way back” so to speak.
Having Insurance against totally loss has helped (FlyIcarus) ease my mind a great deal.
I feel now happy about flying just about anywhere, and, on my Holiday flew out to sea more often than not, to escape the people around the area.


The insurance thing is a good point. It is that cost of kit and the fact I couldn’t afford to replace it that bothers me.

I am a member of FPVUK, so was able to get the Insurance for around £89 per year with the discount.
a lot cheaper (even after paying the excess fee) than replacing a lost Mavic 2 Pro !.
That is for Worldwide coverage.

Just had a quick look on their site. £118 was the quote for my MP. This included worldwide and public liability cover. On the scheme of things I thought that was quite reasonable.
Any ideas what they are like at honouring claims and paying up etc. It’s good getting a fair quote but it’s pointless if there is miles of red tape and paperwork to get through plus months of waiting.

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If you join FPVUK (£20) the cost of Icarus comes down dramatically (50%) !
It comes down to less than £70 for a Mavic Pro for coverage in the UK, (£84.50 for worldwide) !
Well worth Joining FPVUK, then, Doing the Insurance afterwards.
(As the FPVUK Covers your Public Liability so you will not need that with FlyIcarus)
Just matter of selecting the right boxes on the right of the screen.

FlyIcarus take your flight logs as proof, should you have a claim, so providing you fly to the rules of where you are, and the drone code they will pay out to repair/replace your drone.

I recognise all the symptoms of fear you describe and certainly experience some of them still.
For me, the next step, after simple up-down and backwards-forwards, was using Litchi. I simply ‘programmed’ flights circling my house at 30m, and watched carefully as the Mavic Air did its job. I could then replicate those missions using the controller.
From there, I have now moved into bigger areas, especially at local public parks or hills, but with same method: plan a Litchi path, check it in GoogleEarth using Virtual Litchi Mission, and fly it. Only then will I try it from the DJI Go 4 app.
For the Mavic Air, this method only improves confidence for flights that are:

  • VLOS
  • within 500m of the starting point
    You simply cannot rely on your signal strength for manual control beyond either of these limits.

Litchi is tempting to try for that reason. I need to get fully conversant with the Go4 app and what it does before I try it though. I can see myself giving Litchi a go in the not too distant future though.

Thanks Chris for that info. Much appreciated.

I see that happening in the morning ;o)

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just realised the venue should provide a pic for the competition.

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Hi all I have a mavic platinum 6 months old and as yet it’s never been over water. The thought of seeing my drone ditch into the sea etc, probable give me a heart attack.

By the way I am 73. As well as the mavic I have my faithful Spark. Truthfully I would rather risk my Spark as it costs far less than the mavic. I have them both fully insured with a great company which covers all the problems that could arise.

So my fellow droners what’s your impressions should I pluck up the courage and go for it. Regards Irvine (Portsmouth)

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Hi James. I’m new to Drone flying and yes it can get to you.
All I can suggest is meet up with a couple of guys off here in your area and see how they fly.
I’ve done this myself today with a couple of great guys on here.
Never met them before but there was no issues we all had a good morning flying. Chris showed me litchi and how it’s way points work. Paul blew me away with his insta 360 camera and we all got some flying in.
Couldn’t recommend it more. None of the friends I have fly a drone and I’d had a few outings on my own but you really do need a trip with some others to help alleviate your fears.
I’m looking forward to the next trip we have and getting up and out there.


Hey Irvine … well you’ve picked the wrong part of the world to live to avoid water …

But seriously, start small. Find a local pond or lake or similar and go fly over that. Perhaps bring it cost to the shoreline, lower the height to a couple of metres over the surface and just let it hover. The second option is find some local droners and go out flying with them - I’m sure there must be a couple on this forum who’d be happy to meet up.

Whilst we never want to use our insurance you say you are fully covered so do as you suggest - start with the spark and build your confidence with that. Again, start small as in small distances away and then go further each time just remembering to stick with any drone code requirements in doing so.